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WowPot™ to award world record EUR 30M payout


Games Global‘s progressive jackpot title, WowPot™, has reached a mind-boggling potential world record payout of EUR 30 million! The excitement is building as players around the globe eagerly await the winner of this massive prize.

WowPot™ now boasts the largest seeding at the EUR 2 million level. This means the winning potential for this series of online slots is soaring to breathtaking heights! The industry is abuzz with anticipation, wondering who will claim this monumental jackpot. But as a progressive jackpot, it will keep growing the more people play and not get the prize. 

The provider also claims that the winning potential of WowPot™ knows no bounds. It all depends on the number of players and the amounts wagered. With its recently achieved record win potential, WowPot™ now reigns as the largest online jackpot in the world. Prepare to be amazed!

WowPot™ in breaking a world record

WowPot™ is just one gem in Games Global’s prestigious library of player-favorite progressives. Alongside the legendary Mega Moolah™, which previously set the record payout at EUR 19.4 million, you’ll find other thrilling titles like Ontario-only Maple Moolah™ and the soon-to-debut King Millions™, promising even greater chances for incredible wins. With prize pots seeding at EUR 1 million and EUR 2 million, these jackpots aim to surpass the maximum payouts of their competitors.

WowPot™ to award world record EUR 30M payout

Similar to Mega Moolah, the carrier of the jaw-dropping EUR 30 million potential, WowPot™ has already awarded players with massive wins. In April 2021, the jackpot was awarded an astounding EUR 17.5 million on the Book of Atem WowPot™, making it a month to remember. 

Mega Moolah struck back this month with a lump sum payout of EUR 5.7 million on June 17, 2023. This marks the ninth Games Global payout exceeding EUR 1 million in the past year. But wait, there’s more! WowPot™ has been steadily growing, reaching the colossal milestone of EUR 20 million in February 2023. With the progressive jackpot set for random activation, it’s clear that WowPot™ is poised to create fireworks any time now.

Expectations for the jackpot’s growth

Andrew Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, couldn’t contain his excitement about WowPot’s™ unprecedented potential. He exclaimed, “WowPot™ continues to wow the industry and players worldwide, and there are 30 million reasons why! We’ve seen momentum and excitement building for months since the jackpot surpassed a world-first €20 million. 

Here we are at another historic WowPot™ moment, and we can’t quite believe it! We can’t wait to see one lucky player hit this momentous jackpot sometime soon.” Hold on to your seats, folks, because the countdown to the next life-changing win has begun!

As Games Global reaches a milestone, so do progressive jackpots. WowPot™ is just another example of how big the casino game category is growing because of how many it attracts to play. Soon enough, we will see even higher prizes but this one is already worth looking out for. It is something one could say is by the players for the players type of game.

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