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What is The Best White Label Casino Games Provider?


The first question you should ask is “what is the best white label casino games provider?” This is if you’re thinking about starting your own white label casino.

There are plenty of casino software development companies out there. These companies can provide you with everything you need. All to build and run your own online casinos.

White Label means that these casino software providers will let you use their services. while also keeping your company logo or brand on all your games. 

You won’t have to spend months developing your own slot machines or card games from scratch. This is by using a white label provider, 

Instead, they sell you the finished products that are ready to use. All in your own branded casino software.

What is a White Label Casino?

A white label casino is a business model. This is where a licensed casino operator uses the casino software of a software provider. 

For example, an online casino could partner with an operator. This operator owns a brick-and-mortar casino location. They will allow their property to get branded with the licensed casino’s logo and colors.

When a player enters the site, they see the casino’s logo. As well as colors instead of the operator’s logo. The licensed operator can run their own games and choose which games to offer. 

The licensed operator also handles all the legal and financial aspects. This is with running their casino, including collecting and paying out winnings. The licensed operator may offer prizes other than cash. 

The licensed operator must have licenses in the jurisdiction they operate in. Same as the casino would need to have licenses to operate. All in the jurisdiction it’s located in.

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The Best White Label Casino Providers


SoftSwiss is a Swiss online casino platform. It utilizes RNG to provide gamers with top-quality games. You can choose to use their software or build your own. SoftSwiss has both a downloadable client as well as a web app for ease of use. 

SoftSwiss has enabled support for all major mobile devices. 

They also have a  functional and intuitive web app. They have support for all top online casino gaming platforms. This includes iOS and Android mobile casino apps, as well as desktop, Mac, and Linux gaming. 

With SoftSwiss, you can create your own casino website. As well as provide players with exclusive offers. Plus welcome bonuses, and games tailored to your market.

Markor Technology

Markor Technology is an white label casino provider that allows you to create your own casino. It offers over 5,000+ titles from a variety of top casino software suppliers. Markor Technology is completely web-based and runs on any device with a browser. 

Markor Technology has all the features you’d expect in a casino. Including fair games, real money games, and a variety of casino bonuses. 

Markor Technology allows you to design your own casino website and customize the look and feel of your website. You can also track players and manage your games from a central dashboard.


ProgressPlay is a white label casino provider that lets you build your own casino. With ProgressPlay, you can start from scratch or build on an existing website that you own or control. You can use ProgressPlay to build a casino that looks and feels like your business. 

The website features, games, promotions, and player behavior. These can all get customized to match your brand. You have complete control over the games you choose, including licensing and development.

You also have complete control over player rewards. Including the types of rewards you offer and how often you offer them.

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When it comes to launching your own online casino, there are a lot of options. You can build your own software and hire a development team. Or you can use a white-label casino provider that designs and develops. As well as launch your software. 

Choosing the right online casino solutions company can make a big difference in the success of your project. With all these options, it can be difficult to determine which provider is best for you. 

We’ve reviewed the top white label casino providers to help you choose the right one for your project.

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