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Top 5 Online Slot Machines to Play



Slot games move forward at the top of casino games. Earning the popularity award among players in the iGaming industry. Everyone eyes its enticing gameplay and bonuses. The list of reasons for players are short when asked: why slot games? One thing–it is simple. 

Online slots are casino games that draw the spin to win. Its gameplay is straightforward: bet, draw, and win! The only challenge is to make sure luck is on your side. 

Slot game selection features a towering thousand options of slot games. The collection of slot games will welcome you to a different world of madness. Developers come prepared for every preference: you can enter an under-the-sea-themed slot game; you are free to discover the Roman and Egyptian empires; and there are also fantasy-themed slot games to bet on if you want dragons, fairy tales, magic, and superheroes. Wherever your mind dwells, a slot machine can probably provide it.

Slot game features

Let’s talk about things you need to consider before playing. Slot machines work with paylines, symbols, and reels. These are your cards to get a better chance of winning slots. 

Paylines are the combinations of symbols in slot machines. If the symbols cluster in a certain position available, it will trigger a winning prize. The symbols can line up in a straight, diagonal, or zigzag position. The more payline available, the more chances of betting on the winning combinations.

Reels display the symbols on the screen. Usually, slot machines have three columns and three rows. Symbols line up in the reels to show the combination after a draw. With online slot machines going digital, reels can now extend up to seven reels. It puts up a challenge in slot games, and so do the prizes.

Symbols are the characters that show up on the screen. The most basic one is standard symbols, these are symbols that you need to line up to win prizes. Slot games make sure there are twists in their mechanics with many symbol features. Like wild symbols, scattered symbols, multipliers symbols, and bonus symbols. When it appears on your screen there are free spins and bonuses on the way. 

Progressive jackpots 

Slot games offer extra challenges to race for the first player to hit the progressive jackpots. The casino puts up increasing pot money that anyone can aim to win. Every time someone misses the progressive jackpot, the prize climbs up. A player can go home with a million-dollar bag with the progressive jackpot. A hit-and-miss game that everybody aims at.

If you are put for the challenge, there are a lot of casino sites that offer progressive jackpots on their server. 

Return-to-player (RTP) percentage

Every experienced casino player checks the casino’s RTP percentages before they play. Winners don’t take all their prizes home. The casino site sets the RTP percentage that determines how much you can bag your winnings. But it is not per draw, the casino takes the overall winnings. 

It is too good to be true if the casino sets 100% RTP. Because a hundred percent RTP will put down the whole earnings of a casino. No circulation for them. Yet, there is no need to worry! that RTP percentages are usually set around 90% and up.

This is how RTP works in slot machines. When a player bets $100 on a slot game and the set RTP rate is 96% RTP, players can expect a return of $96 as winning. The RTP changes depending on the overall winnings you make. You can trump your bets with higher winnings and bonuses you can get.

Casinos offer various RTP rates. You can check out casinos with decent RTP if you want a higher chance of return of your winnings. 


Volatility is equally important in considering the best casino site to play. The frequency of payouts in a casino site depends on its volatility. Casinos have low volatility if payouts are allowed regularly. But low volatile casino sites limit the payouts to a small number of cashouts. 

In instances that casino sites have far interval dates of cashouts, it has a high volatile rate. More so, the cashout limits in casinos with high volatility range to a high cap. So, if you want a regular payout, then low-volatile casinos will fit your preferences. 


Since you already have a checklist to consider in choosing casino sites, it is a good guide to check what suits your preference. Slot games offer an immersive selection. But what stands out among these game options? Here are some of the casino sites that lead in the slot selection.

Mega Moolah

A Guinness World Record holder is on the list! Mega Moolah is one of the leading slot games with its massive jackpot offers. Bagging the record for the largest prize ever.

Mega Moolah

The challenge is intense with the progressive jackpot money at the top of their slot games. The prize money could reach $12 million USD! If you feel lucky enough, you can be one of their players who hit the $12.7 million winning.

Mega Moolah offers big wins with its five reels and 25 paylines game features. Yet, it only  has an RTP of 88.12% and low volatility, but it does offer some of the biggest payouts, so it is definitely worth playing.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a popular online slot machine with pretty decent game features developed by NetEnt. Defying the usual setup, Gonzo’s Quest was the first to replace spinning reels with the iconic Avalanche feature.

Gonzo's Quest

The game inspiration captures the characters of Mayan-styled symbols. There are seven basic symbols, wild symbols, and scatter symbols that appear on their screen. Symbols display on their five reels on the screen that you can bet on 20 paylines. Since the game features a unique avalanche feature, symbols fall into place and can trigger multiple wins in a single spin.

Winners can bag their winnings with a rate of 96% RTP for players with a high volatility. Overall, the gameplay is competitive with its RTP and payline offers. The bet and winnings will give a good experience and prizes. 

Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive

Another top pick from NetEnt, is the Dead or Alive game slot. It features a good high return and high volatility of winning payout succession. Players can expect a 96.82% return on their bets but there are no frequent payouts.

Dead or Alive has an impressive five-reel and three-row slot display. You can bet in their good range of game offers with 9 paylines. Available symbols in their games are scatter wins, wild substitutes, and a Sticky Wild feature during Free Spins that can help you win big. 

If you are considering a casino slot of outstanding payouts, you can check out Dead or Alive.

Book of Ra

The Book of Ra will bring you into the realm of Pharaohs and pyramids. You will encounter to play slots and look for golds in the Egyptian-themed slot games developed by Novomatic. Their features date back to 2005; a dated game features, but classic gameplay!

Book of Ra

Novamatic offers a new adaptation of Book of Ra like its deluxe version, but everyone wants to stick to its classic game formula. The original release of Book of Ra remains at the top with free spins, expanding wilds, and a gambling feature. Along with its high RTP of 95.4%, a pretty decent return! 

The game allows betting on nine paylines. The slot displays five reels with ten total symbols. The standard symbols consist of 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols when hit trigger the basic prizes. After that, there’s a purple bug, a winged Pharaoh, a mummy, a book, and an explorer are higher standard symbols. The prize offers pay quite a bit more than the poker card symbols. 

The book is a wild symbol. But when three or more books appear in any part of the reels, it will activate the bonus feature of ten free games. Compared to other slots Book of Ra only has bonus free spins as the main attraction. 

Mega Fortune

From the name itself, good fortune is on its way with its enormous progressive jackpots. If you are up for a challenge they offer outstanding jackpot prizes you can win.

Mega Fortune

The offers in their game range from 3 million dollars of pot money in the jackpot bowl. It is a life-changing prize for anyone who is lucky to hit the bag of that jackpot home. 

More so, their RTP rate has a hefty rate of 96.4% in its server. It is a winning rate that they offer to players. And, Mega Fortune has low volatility for their payout frequency. Mega Fortune is sure to win with its two main features: an outstanding chance of payouts regularly and big prizes on the roster. 

Mega Fortune is one of the hottest names in the selection of NetEnt. Mega Fortune gives the luxury vibes, and you are right! The game’s layout features five reels and three rows with twenty-five paylines. 

Check out also their symbols that offer to hit your winning line. Like the wild symbols of a fancy yacht, the scatter symbol in a champagne bottle, and the bonus symbol of Wheel of Fortune. 


Slot games feature thousands in the selection. Developers ensure a wide collection of games catering to everyone. From different bonuses and offers available. The challenge is what slot games to choose from. But is there something to choose from in immersive options? Here are some of the list

There are some features you need to consider in picking a slot game. If you’re looking to try out different slot games, low-volatile slot games will fit you. Since you can check out your payouts easily, the slot games on your rosters are Mega Moolah, Book of Ra, and Mega Fortune. 

More so, if you want life-changing prizes, there are slot games that offer million-dollar progressive jackpots. The winnings you can earn can climb up to $12 million dollars. If you have luck on your side, try out Mega Moolah, and Mega Fortune. 

One of the features you need to look out for in slot games is their RTP percentage. Players can go home with higher winnings for slot games that offer a high return rate to players. RTP with a range of 96% to 97% offers a good RTP rate. Slot games like Mega Fortune and Dead or Alive are great examples to try.

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