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Thai police crack down on gambling site linked to alleged serial killer 


Sararat, a 36-year-old woman pregnant for four months, made headlines after her arrest in Bangkok. She stands accused of committing at least 15 murders through cyanide poisoning – all to fulfill her sinister thirst for money. Disturbingly enough, it appears that Sararat’s lethal crimes were driven by an addiction to gambling!

Sararat’s gambling and criminal records tied

Investigations have revealed astonishing details about Sararat’s gambling habits. In just three years, she reportedly squandered a staggering amount of 78 million Bhat (approximately US$2.3 million) on an illegal online platform called Fun88. What is even more shocking is that there were occasions when she would recklessly wager as much as 10 million Bhat (around US$290,000) per day! Deputy Police Commissioner Surachate Hakparn described her online gambling debts as “enormous.

However, the excitement and profits came crashing down for Fun88 once Thai authorities stepped in. Fourteen individuals associated with the illegal platform now face charges related to organizing gambling and money laundering activities.

Attracting the Thai nation and the media

This atrocious case of the pregnant serial killer has captivated the entire nation’s attention! If convicted, Sararat may well be considered one of Thailand’s most prolific murderers and could potentially face the death penalty for her monstrous actions.

Thai police crack down on gambling site linked to alleged serial killer 

Adding to the excitement surrounding Sararat, her husband, Lt. Col. Vitoon Rangsiwuthaporn, is a high-ranking police officer. Interestingly, three of Sararat’s victims were also female police officers in senior positions, which has only fueled public interest even more.

Last week came the shocking news that Vitoon and Sararat’s lawyer, Tannicha Aeksuwannawattana, have been indicted for their alleged involvement in helping Sararat evade punishment by tampering with or concealing evidence. These serious allegations are connected to the disturbing murder case of Siriporn Khanwong that took place in April in Ratchaburi province.

Fun88 investigation uncovers disturbing connection

Sararat’s disturbing actions unfolded gradually over the course of several years, starting in 2015 and spreading across various provinces. Most of the victims were located in west Bangkok. According to prosecutors, Sararat would gain their trust, only to secretly administer cyanide pills disguised as herbal medicine into their food or drinks.

The arrest occurred after Siriporn’s tragic death, during which Sararat fled instead of providing assistance. Upon investigation, it was discovered that cash, phones, and personal belongings were missing from the victim. Additionally, traces of cyanide were found during the autopsy process. Authorities also uncovered a bottle of cyanide while searching Sararat’s residence.

As more witnesses came forward, shocking revelations emerged about relatives who died under suspicious circumstances after encountering Sararat. One woman survived but fell seriously ill after consuming “cough medicine” given by Sararat shortly after lending her money.

Currently facing an astonishing 75 charges, including multiple counts of premeditated murder and theft along with tampering with food; this distressing narrative intertwines murder with gambling – capturing national attention and raising concerns about the concealed darkness lurking behind seemingly ordinary appearances.

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