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Super Stake Blackjack Feature Revolutionises Live Casino Experience at Stakelogic Live Tables


Stakelogic Live is proving to enhance its blackjack games in the iGaming industry. Now adding their latest technology of Super Stake Blackjack in the market. You can expect all their American Blackjack to offer new features on their table, giving you more chances to win!

In 2022, the Super Stake Blackjack feature gained popularity in the market. Since then, it’s been making clamour to both players and casino operators! Players are so hooked up to the feature that pushed Stakelogic Live to include it in all their dedicated American Blackjack games.

What’s the clamour all about Super Stake?

Now, here’s what makes the Super Stake feature special: it lets players increase their main bets by anywhere from 2 times to a whopping 100 times. This means you can win much more with every hand you play. The stakes are doubled along with the winning prize pool for you to bring it home!

Super stake blackjack

The Super Stake feature is available to players who add an extra 50% to their bet. After topping up your game, the bets are automatically in Super Stake bets showing six Multiplier Cards on your screen. Take note that each card presents the destiny of your stakes, check the number that multiplies your winnings in your card. You can get multipliers up to 50 times.

Make sure to win the hand with at least one card or two, so your prize will multiply! In these extra offers, the win and fun multiply which makes the market crave more.

Stakelogic extends the fun and winnings!

The Head of Live Casino for Stakelogic Live, Dejan Loncar, mentioned, “Super Stake Blackjack has been a huge success for Stakelogic Live, so taking its features and adding them to our other blackjack tables was an easy decision to make.” His team is dedicated to responding to what the players want in the market and offers the Super Stake feature.

He added: “This upgrade to the dedicated live blackjack tables will help take the blackjack experience to the next level and continue to elevate our blackjack tables as the most exciting products on the market.”

Super Stake Balckjack

This means that with the Super Stake feature, players have a chance to win much bigger prizes in Stakelogic Live’s American Blackjack games. It’s a new way to make the game even more thrilling and rewarding. So, if you’re a fan of blackjack, get ready for an even more exciting experience!

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