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Analysts see potential benefit for Caesars and DraftKings in wake of Penn/ESPN collaboration


The recent collaboration between Penn Entertainment and ESPN has sparked discussions about its impact on the gambling industry. Analyst David Bain believes that despite initial stock dips, this development could actually work in favor of competitors like Caesars Entertainment and DraftKings.

Caesars and DraftKings: Seeing double on the collab

Bain’s viewpoint challenges the immediate reaction that this partnership might harm Caesars Entertainment and DraftKings. He suggests that there might be a silver lining for these companies due to the Penn/ESPN collaboration. This is because both Caesars and DraftKings could potentially be freed from their existing ESPN deals, which were signed in September 2020.

These agreements were initially seen as positive moves for Caesars and DraftKings to gain more attention. However, Bain argues that these partnerships might have limited their options. Now, with Penn Entertainment teaming up with ESPN, there’s a chance that Caesars and DraftKings could break free from their ESPN commitments.

The reason behind this potential benefit is that being untethered from ESPN could allow Caesars and DraftKings to explore better ways to promote themselves. This is a noteworthy aspect that many might not have initially considered.

How the stock market reacts

The stock market response to this news, however, has been mixed. Caesars Entertainment’s stocks dropped by 1.3%, and DraftKings saw a more significant decline of nearly 10%. On the flip side, Penn Entertainment experienced an 8.78% increase in its stock value. This reflects the complex reactions of investors to this situation.

The main element of this entire scenario is Penn Entertainment’s bold move to invest $1.5 billion over the next decade to use the ESPN Bet branding. This deal also has an option for another ten years, which could potentially mean big changes in the industry landscape. Furthermore, ESPN might gain the ability to control almost 25% of Penn Entertainment’s shares in the future.

Analysts see potential benefit for Caesars and DraftKings in wake of Penn/ESPN collaboration

Penn Entertainment believes that this partnership with ESPN could lead to a significant boost in earnings – somewhere between $500 million to $1 billion – for its interactive division. However, not everyone is convinced that these projections will come true. Bain, for instance, is somewhat skeptical about these estimates.

In a broader context, Bain points out that some relationships with ESPN might not be as profitable as they were thought to be. This skepticism extends to Caesars Entertainment and DraftKings, which also have agreements with ESPN that could affect their profits.

This situation might actually work out well for Caesars Entertainment. There were rumors earlier this year that the company wanted to end its relationship with ESPN. The entrance of Penn Entertainment could provide a natural exit without causing any major disruptions. Similarly, DraftKings might have to rethink its own agreement with ESPN due to this new development.

In conclusion, David Bain’s analysis suggests that there’s a possibility of hidden benefits for Caesars Entertainment and DraftKings in the midst of this collaboration between Penn Entertainment and ESPN. It’s a dynamic situation that could lead to strategic changes for these gambling giants. As this story unfolds, industry players and investors will be watching closely to see how it all plays out.

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